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Do you know what an object-oriented database is? Do you know how your data is structured in HubSpot? If not - this ep's for you. We dive deep into what objects and object properties are, and why that's important for any HubSpot user (technical or nontechnical) to know.

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In this episode, we dive deep into the latest INBOUND speakers announced this week (spoiler alert: they're all celebrities), why following best practices isn't always the best thing for success, and how to create multiple HubSpot owner properties for an object.

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The onslaught of product updates has not slowed. Today we're talking calculation properties, the need for multiple support forms in Service Hub, and a ton of updates to Conversations and Service Hub tools!

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Leaders not only need to eat last, but they need to eat what they're serving to their team. So what does that mean in the context of training our teams on the use of new tools like video? This and lot's of product-y goodness in this week's Hubcast!

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